Just like I promised, here is Saturday’s post for you my darlings. How have you been? Do let me know in the comments below.   Let words from your mouth come like pieces of burnt and polished Gold. Even if you feel hate towards them, burn and polish the words. Because, you don’t wanna spit […]

You Matter.

Hey darling! Welcome back to read another page from this little diary world of my life. First of all, i love you so much. Thank you so much for being a part of this small family space. I am so glad I have lovely people like you to listen to me and help me through […]

Hardwork and possession.

Like I told here is today’s post for you guys, for Monday. Feels happy and productive. Thanks for being so so supportive and listening me to rant, or talk or just anything. Will update you on my progress in regards to everyday productivity very soon. Because babe, let me just make some. Haha. Good luck. […]

Productivity and targets.

Hi guys, have you ever felt so empty and purposeless that you don’t do just anything for weeks and months prolonged in depression? Well that has happened to me also. But, I have been going to therapy . So that’s definitely helping me. And, today this is the day I think I’ll be starting to […]

opening up?

Um. hi. How are you? I know this is gonna be weird maybe something amazing but i think it is time that i start opening up myself, my heart that goes through several things a day and still tries to be normal after every satanic feeling every thought and every other’s behavioral influence. I, a […]


With this understanding you have in regards to me, I am very happy and so proud of myself for 1. I fell in love with you and 2. I made you fall in love with me. Because with this life and people that once were pretty unfair to me, I stopped having fun and lost […]