Things I am tired of hearing

I am going to talk about something serious and so if you want to maybe cringe or downplay anything in here, please please, the doors are still open. Well, as a mental illness patient myself(yes, I am diagnosed with what I am diagnosed), I can never cease to do, making lists of things that people [...]


I am hesitant

i am hesitant to admit how much I want you because who knows what my mood will be after an hour and what if I lash out at you, do you still want me to admit, because when I say I love you, I sheerly do with passion so intense but like the ripples of [...]

If I choose

if I choose to carry you in my heart, will you stay and tell me what's not comfortable? because I am ready to do things that calm you down and I am just as ready to have you too. Will the place be sufficient or do I have to let that others leave? because if [...]