I feel alone.

I feel alone in between the shower and among a bunch of close friends. . I feel alone while I go to my work place because the thought that something terrific will happen or because of the fear that stops me from doing things. I feel alone everywhere there are people fighting to live and […]

Talk about me.

Talk about me associate me with nothing about me but everything that makes sense hair with the ripples of oceans eyes with wells so deep you don’t know if there’s an end mouth with bullets that can virtually kill you and my body my body as a painting a map maybe of stretch marks as […]

Calm yourself down.

Ever felt jittery and like destroying something? Well to get rid of such feeling is being conscious with your five senses. 1. Keenly observe something beside you, the pattern, the color, the design and just everything. 2. Smell something beside you and ask yourself if you like it or not. 3. Taste one thing around […]

What I feel.

I feel guilt I do it like my habit like I never stop talking like I never stop writing I feel happiness I do it like an occasion once in a while fitting few smiles on my face and adding some more glow on to the cheeks I feel nothing I do it like living […]

Talk broken.

Let’s talk broken being broken with heart collapsed like broken lips that hesitate to use the word broken because when the letter b takes its chance brokenness pours down very vigorously through the cracks of the same lips that it’s too visible to not notice. Let’s talk broken because broken doesn’t deserve to feel lonely […]

One single time

For one single time in my life, I want to tell somebody I am not fine, that I am trying hard and life gets it all too hard to wing my way to another phase, that what people do to me hurts, even if it is just talking, that I suffer an illness I am […]

How to self love

Hi there! I hope you are doing really good or maybe not, so you just ended up on a website like this because you feel bored of yourself but fortunately you also know that it’s vital to accept and start loving yourself. Moving on, I’d love to try making you feel good here, at this […]