An overlooked child 

I was a child An innocent one  A unexciting facade  I remained enthusiastic  All of my childhood  Everybody thought I feel no despair I was too good to be true  And too soft to fight back evil That’s what was my vulnerability I cried hiding in cupboards Wiping tears off in the rain  And whimpering […]

Be Mine. 

How even could you forget our moments together, Sugar? Huh! (A long sigh of patience) Projected to the spring breezes, both of us standing in the balcony, you ask me if your last name could be made mine, remember?  Sweetheart! The zephyr that always hits me -when I enjoy the view from the balcony, it sends […]

Just another catastrophe. 

“I really don’t want a father not a mother. I never thought a father and mother would bother me so much mentally. I thought there are for you listen to you and shower unconditional love and support. But, no. Instead they act like they are the age of same as me and strangle me with […]

A Loser. 

I never committed a mistake. Even then, I am afraid. I am drenched in guilt. Dreadful guilt, awful fear and obscure insecurity. Because, I never felt I came out of my comfort zones even after I stepped into a zone of unknown feelings, experiences and huge number of insults and heartbreaks.  For me, heartbreaks weren’t […]

Thoughts about facing fears. 

I feel like I have done a lot of wrong things in life. Not responding to people when they text you for something. Or, not informing somebody about your absence and lying to them some shitty reason has been my life trying to look as, projected for a little sympathy sorely. Why am I even […]


Sometimes, I am out of words to write poetry and out of feelings to love.  Sometimes, I am out of pretty skirts to wear and out of colorful makeup to show off.  Sometimes, I am out of knowledge to debate and out of imagination to sketch.  Sometimes, I am out of passion to care and […]

An Imaginary Friend. 

That would take me on cute dates.  That would bring cakes to cut every month.  That would listen to me ramblings endlessly.  Rest his hand on my head as I abruptly cough.  That would give me morning and night kisses.  That would remind me of my medicines to take.  Travel with me to all those […]